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Why camera training?

In times of YouTube, Twitter, and Internet appearances, (short) films and selfies are becoming more and more important. But how should I present myself in front of the camera? What do I wear? How do I stand? How does an interview work? Do I need extra light? What sub-messages do I unconsciously convey?

How do I present myself in front of the camera?

Everyone who has ever stood in front of the camera knows it, stage fright. Your thoughts are not on the presentation, but you ask yourself how do I stand or sit in front of the camera to "come across" well, where do I look? Am I looking at the camera or at my counterpart, or somewhere else entirely? Am I wearing the right clothes? And, and, and, …

We support you here so that you can concentrate on the most important thing. On your presentation.

With various modules you learn the most important things and then practise them in front of the camera.


How am I staged properly?

Light can make you old, (almost) wrinkle-free, demonic, or elfish. But we leave that to the light setters and producers of elaborate feature films.
We show you the most important lighting positions for 1-2 people.

Because light should make you stand out in a positive way.


Camera training for children and teens

Getting rid of inhibitions for free speaking and free recitation of short texts. Important for school presentations and poems.
Self-confident appearance to counter negative demands.

Success at a casting

You have acting talent and want to go public with it?
Do you dream of strolling down the famous red carpet one day?
Prepare yourself professionally to realise your goals!