Movie Productions

Image- and Product movies

As “your face to the outside” it shows the assets of your company, your coworkers and your products – honest and authentic. Pictures often say more than words.

Trade fair- or even commercial movies?

Three in one: Image-, product- and commercial movies to showcase your individual advantages! Directly filmed at your stall during the trade fair. An inexpensive alternative.

More Film Opportunities

Openings, statements, press conferences, fashion shows, events and much more…

Industrial Movies

Setting your production processes in the right light in a factual and convincing way with a certain eye for details and backgrounds.

YouTube Clips

Unusual ideas implemented simply and inexpensively.

Also suitable for training films - simplify knowledge transfer through "Video on Demand".


First contact

After you have contacted us by phone or email, I am happy to deepen the conversation with you, because....

Talking is silver, conversation is gold!

You have desires and many ideas for your film? That's why I come to you to get to know your company, your production facility, or your products. Here we talk in detail about your wishes and goals that you want to realise with the film.

Concept and Storybook

To ensure that you really receive "your" individual film at the end of production, we make sure that all important USP's are already considered here in the conception phase. This storybook is the first step towards the script in cooperation with the editorial team.

Script and Editorial Office

Your information put into journalistic form!

For the optimal information reproduction of your film, we build up the existing storyboard in the editorial department as a screenplay according to special principles - desired effects and/or animations are planned in, voice-over texts are elaborated in a goal-oriented and dramaturgical way and connected with the images to be shot.

Film Shooting Schedule

A so-called " Film shooting schedule" serves as an orientation for all parties involved: who is on duty, when where and how. A structured procedure, considering your daily business, the operating conditions, and your workflow. In this way, we avoid obstructing your workflow.


Ideally for you - we have the knack of filming on both a small and a large scale!

To create the film of your dreams, the editorial team has already done a lot of work in advance:
Texts have been created, a suitable selection of images has been made and your approval has been obtained. This is the starting signal for the realisation phase of the film production - the plot defined in the script is now recorded and saved scene by scene according to the shooting schedule.


After that, the finishing touches begin for us: editing, digital post-processing of your images on the computer as well as adding sound and background music.

Video editing

The perfect make-up for your film!

The script serves as the basis, according to which the images can now be cut, 2D or 3D animations as well as special effects such as set extensions, motion graphics and other effects can be added.


Bringing your film into harmony - adding the finishing touches to it!

In the final step, a pleasant voice narrates your text to fit the film, sound effects and music are mixed. This is where artists and musicians can add your film music composed especially for you.

Et voilà: And your unique, individual film composition is ready - a moving testament to your unique company.


Animation 2D & 3D

All image objects can be designed as 2D and 3D animations with special software.